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Press Release - 4th November 2019

Countdown for the second edition of Barter Week

Sign-ups, media build-up and growing interest

All set for the second international sustainable and creative tourism event, running from 18 to 24 November: free accommodation in B&Bs around the world in exchange for goods and services.

After the success of the first year, Barter Week is ready for a repeat performance. Twin of the tried-and-tested Italian Barter Week (organized by www.Bed-and-Breakfast.it and now in its 11th edition), this year the event will involve around 600 B&Bs from all continents, and from 18 to 24 November they are offering free hospitality in exchange for goods or services: all visitors have to do is offer manual, creative or learning skills, or physical objects as payment in kind: no money changes hands.

Swaps on offer are published on www.BarterWeek.com and the network of participating hosts is expanding as the third week of November looms on the horizon: there are plenty of varied and imaginative opportunities for free accommodation.

Expert cooks, for example, can make themselves available to the “Marcel de Buenos Aires” guesthouse in the Argentine capital: hosts offer a free stay in exchange for an excellent homecooked dinner. In Sri Lanka, on the other hand, hosts of the magnificent Reef Villa and Spa Hotel offer a free stay to anyone who can bump up their site ranking on search engines. Then in Costa Rica, “Lazy Monkey Cabinas” is looking for artisans of any kind who can offer workshops and courses at the facility. In Switzerland, Patrick, owner of the “Bishop’s Rest” B&B, is looking for an expert nutritionist to help him get his eating habits on track and benefit his health: in return, a nice stay in the Alps!

With the growing number of B&Bs ready to barter, interest in the initiative is also increasing. Visits to the dedicated site have grown compared to last year, which was the debut season, and the event has already been picked up by international press.

Confirmed partners for the event are some of the main players in the field of tourist hospitality, such as Bed and Breakfast Association New Zealand, Bed and Breakfast Switzerland, South African Bed and Breakfast, and Stay in a Pub, the platform for UK pubs offering overnight accommodation: add a barter to bed and breakfast and the pleasure of travel knows no boundaries.


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