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Press Release - October 2018

The first, long-awaited Barter Week 19 - 25 November edition: free stays in B&Bs worldwide, in exchange for goods and services.

The official launch of Barter Week for the beta stage this year. From Albania to Uganda, all bed-and-breakfast hosts and travellers are ready to barter.

"I'm a musician and I want to learn English so I can play my music abroad. Anyone who wants to help can stay in a single room in exchange for some language lessons," sums up the spirit of Barter Week, an event without geographical borders that is active from 19 to 25 November. Many of the accommodation hosts - like this young Argentine musician - offer prospective guests a free stay in exchange for various goods or services. Check all the barter opportunities on the dedicated site www.BarterWeek.com.

So far there are about 450 B&Bs in over 60 countries on every continent signed up for the scheme, which is the international spinoff of Italy's "Settimana del Baratto", the annual event promoted by www.Bed-and-Breakfast.it and successfully in its tenth edition. During the third week in November travellers can stay in B&Bs without putting their hands in their pockets if they are skilled in manual, teaching or creative tasks, or arrive with something from home for their bed-and-breakfast hosts.

How does Barter Week work The site dedicated to the event is uploaded with entries of the B&Bs ready to open their doors for the barter scheme - by country - and each contains a host wish list, in other words what is being requested in exchange for the free hospitality. Once you select the B&B you are interested in and you are able to meet any of the requests posted, just contact the hosts using the appropriate form (sign up for free first), start bargaining and when you have come to an agreement, start packing and conclude the barter when you arrive. If there is no wish list, the traveller is free offer a barter of their own, for instance tango lessons or a collectors item of some sort: just use your imagination, be flexible and, above all, be willing to share.

B&B owners who want to sign up to our huge network of accommodation taking part in Barter Week should simply add their name to the site, with a presentation, photos and descriptions of the barter on offer. Become one of the huge family for free.


Barter Week: www.barterweek.com | www.facebook.com/BarterWeek


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