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Mongolian Traditional house Ger

Bayanzurkh duureg - 1395 Ulaanbaatar (Khan-Uul) MONGOLIA
Used smart phone
We want to have a smart mobile phone for mobile communication with apps.
Contribute by cooking ingredients
When you stay with my family you can discuss and learn our Mongolian and my family healthy and nutritious cooking by contribute by cooking some ingredients. We love to explain the natural technique and organic ingredients.
Used computer
We want to have a public computer class for community.
I offer you my home to live with my family.

It's a traditional Mongolian house, called a Ger, about 40 meter square space include bedroom, kitchen and living room. The Ger is round wooden structure, covered by felt :-) to live nature friendly.

You can live and learn with us to know our way of life and discover my city Ulaanbaatar.

My family is me, my wife and my 3 children.
  • Private parking
  • Kitchenette
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Disabled accessible
  • Games for children

Send your bartering offer
Barter accepted all year round

Hey, I'm Begzsuren

Begzsuren, 41, married, Mongolian.
We live in a traditional house Ger in Ulaanbaatar city of Mongolia.
My wife and me operate nutrition club for our community.