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Kiwangala Community Social Centre

Kiwangala Trading Centre, Lwengo District; 1 Km Kiwangala-Kalisizo Off Kiboobi Road - 0 Masaka (Masaka) UGANDA
To teach in local community schools – If you have some skills or you feel like you would like to try working with children it’s good opportunity for you! It’s depend of your personal interest but you can teach for example English or even science and mathematics, religious education or Physical Education (PE) lessons.
Teachers Trainer
Are you teacher and would like to share your knowledge with our staff? In our community school mostly teachers are not professional so it’s really necessary for our foundation to train them.
Non-Academic Activities
In our community school children have every day afternoon activities: handcraft, gardening, sport and games, music and dance, debates, scouting. You are really welcome to join our team and help with this! If you want you can organize activities for children or you can learn for example how to make your own basket from bananas fibres or see how gardening in Uganda looks.
Finance and Administration
If you have knowledge about computer accounting and you would like to share your skills with our local staff. Especially: how to make a good budget.
Capacity Building and Partnership Development
You can help our foundation to try to find new sponsors to help our community grow. Our community school is created for poor children and orphans so they can’t afford scholastic materials and even money for food. We would like to make fundraising to help them.
Home Visiting
It’s good opportunity for you if you would like to see how it’s look real Ugandan life. We are going every week to visit family from our community school to know what they need. Many of them they eat once meal a day and sleep in one room so we would like to help them but first we have to check their family situation.
Food Gardens
We cooperate with many local farmers and schools and we are looking for somebody who is interested about gardening and has some knowledge to train our community members and schools. We also cooperate with Slow Food organization which is supporting us and organise agricultural trainings in Lwengo District.
In our villages we support local communities especially Orphans and Vulnerable Children caregivers to establish Village Savings and Loan Associations – poor community members are trying to save more money to be more independent and have enough money for example for school fees. If you have some skills of saving money, you are really welcome to share!
HIV/AIDS Prevention
Some of our staff are going to communities and primary and secondary schools to introduce children, youth and general community about better methods of preventing HIV/AIDS especially Male Medical Circumcision. We are looking for a social worker with a little experience. You can join our local staff.
  • Breakfast included
  • Private parking
  • Kitchenette
  • Free wifi
  • Disabled accessible
  • Smoke friendly
  • Garden
  • Games for children
  • Laundry
  • Shuttle bus service
  • Pets allowed

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Lwengo Community Transformation Foundation Network (COTFONE Lwengo) is an indigenous, non-profit network of community activists and institutions founded in 2006 in Lwengo District. COTFONE Lwengo was initially registered in Masaka District as a CBO in 2006 and later renewed it’s registration with Lwengo District (after being curved from former Masaka District) as a CBO in 2011. COTFONE Lwengo mainly targets vulnerable children (Orphaned, disabled, abandoned and the disadvantaged). The organization protects, mobilizes and works with young people to address their health, education, vocational and economic needs etc.