Il Borghetto

Via dei Cappuccini - 14 Florence (Metropolitan City of Florence) ITALY
Nice pics and a very short video
What I like most, as a guest, is realizing that the place I have booked is exactly as it was in the pictures that enticed me. For this reason, I would like someone to take pictures and a very short video that I can upload and sent to potential guests, showing the place EXACTLY as it is. I have a dog and some cats, there are ants here and there, I want the noises of cars passing by to be heard, and also the noises of my neighbours upstairs. At the same time, I'd like to transmit the friendly noises and smells of this place which, due to its position and old age, is a very special place in town and at the same time virtually far away from it
I wish I could travel all the time...
...and for this reason I am willing to exchange one of my properties with a holiday, possibly not at the same time (I want to be at home when there are guests around, to be of help and check that everything works at it should)
Hello, my property consists of a little house of 42sqm. It is on two floors, with the entrance, living room and kitchenette on the ground floor, and bathroom and bedroom upstairs. The beds are two single ones, that unite to make a standard double bed.

The house is surrounded by a small private garden, plus a shared 2000sqm garden, which I keep as simple as possible in order to limit its impact on the environment. I expect my guests to make an effort in this direction, too, for example by limiting their consumption of water, electricity, detergents (but the place is clean!)..

We don't use any pesticides or poisons but only natural remedies here, so you might happen to have to fight against mosquitoes (all windows have mosquito-nets, though), spiders, ants and maybe some tiny terrified mouse; but you'll also hear hedgehogs walking at night and birds singing by day, see fireflies when it's dark, and even spot squirrels!
There are two dogs living with us, and three cats, all landed here in some fortuitous way ;)
  • Kitchenette
  • Free wifi
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Garden
  • Pets allowed

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Hey, I'm isabella

hello, I am not as good looking and young as in that picture, but it's so nice and the only one where I don't look like an idiot (!). I love to travel, have studied many languages but can only speak well three (including Italian). As a professional, I'm a translator, from English and Danish, and am always on the lookout for editing awful menus and websites - unfortunately not many realize that a website, or a menu, is more than a CV or a visiting card...
Through my website - with no grammar or orthographic errors but forever in the making - I provide outsourcing services of many kinds to those who can't, or won't.
Last, but definitely not least, I am a vegan - with all the positive and negative (for others) sides that this means. I try to put my love-for-all-animals energy in craftivism: you can see
(and buy!) some of my works on or on Etsy (TheStrayShop)