Via Novelli - 3 Campobasso (Province of Campobasso) ITALY
Accordion 120 standar bass
I offer stays in exchange for Piano Keyboard Accordion, 120 standard bass, in good condition.
Flower Bed & Breakfast
Mawarni of Endah.

Born in Indonesia in Surakarta Solo. Degree in Visual Communication Design.

Lecturer at the Bachelor of the Faculty of Architecture at the University Gunadarma Jakarta in Indonesia.

In love with Italy, its people and its traditions.

Sleeping in Bed and Breakfast:
An experience that escapes the package -mix, the clich├ęs and standardization to turn into something extremely personal and individual.

It is the human factor, in fact, that distinguishes the night in a B & B, which allows tourists to perceive the typical aspects of hospitality in the family: the simplicity and authenticity of the offer, a family context that makes the taste dimension " house. "
The formula also makes it more direct and immediate knowledge of the place. The tourist has the opportunity to know the area in which it is the structure from the point of view of the owner / resident, causing him to meet and enjoy a territory and the lifestyles of its inhabitants. And again, doing the tourist grasp an essence which by its nature is subtle, but manages to manifest itself in this relationship with the family. It is from this relationship that the tourist is aware of the offer alternatives to the usual places, often unknown to most people as " non-tourist ", but more authentic. The Bed & Breakfast consists, then a formula of welcome addressed to all those who want to stay unite the opportunity to get in touch with the culture and local customs and that, therefore, can be a tool for a considerable human and cultural enrichment and thus offer the opportunity to enter in contexts otherwise not easily accessible. This type of accommodation may achieve the ideal interface between the tourist and the local area, not just to get into town, but also to take advantage of all the benefits that the area offers, from concerts to museums, from art to the most picturesque, with the added value compared to other hospitality establishments, the suggestions of those who live there. As currently many tourists are encouraged to try new places and discover alternative forms of tourism, it seems to be, in fact, the B&B the opportunity to live this experience.
  • Breakfast included
  • Private parking
  • Free wifi
  • Heating
  • Terrace
  • Garage
  • Shuttle bus service

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