Eva Marn

Country House
Hudi log - 11 Kostanjevica na Krasu SLOVENIA
Southern Europe, Mediterranean or any nice place to go for holidays
We would like to exchange our house for another one or a flat somewhere in the Mediterranean, Africa or in Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Scandinavia.... but also a travel package (guiding) or anything really. For a week or two maximum. :)
Good red wine, local organic olive oil or other durable farm products
We can exchange for any organic/local product that we may distribute to friends and family and use ourselves
Carpentry, masonry, other farm labour
We are in need of stone walls, light farm labor/vegetable garden, and furniture/doors and windows...
Anything crazy
you name it!
This is a huge country house in a tiny village, peaceful and surrounded by nature, about 20 minutes to the sea (by car) on Italian side, near Duino or Sistiana. It is half way between Ljubljana and Venice, it can serve as a base to explore the region of Kras, Slovenian Alps and the Soča valley as well as Italy, Trieste, Venice, the coast and inland towards Dolomiti.

It has 2 independent studio's/rooms, from the common hallway, and an enormous loft where several people can sleep. On the ground floor there is a common kitchen, bathroom and a "majestic" room with fireplace for events or just parties. It is not quite finished but mostly and you will love it.
  • Private parking
  • Kitchenette
  • Free wifi
  • Garden
  • Terrace
  • Games for children
  • Laundry
  • Pets allowed

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