BnB Varen

Unterdorf - 21 Varen (Leuk) SWITZERLAND
A few nights at our Bed and breakfast in Varen for a few nights at your bed and breakfast
We have a bed and breakfast in the Swiss Alps. Come and enjoy tbe mountains, hiking, relaxing at the thermes (hot springs) or enjoy the wines of the area.
General housekeeping
Who can help out at our house? General housekeeping so I can relax after/before the busy season.
Help with graphics, logo
Help with a logo for my BnB. Graphics work for flyers and or ads.
Help in the garden, harvesting, and/or preserving
Come and help us in the gardens. We have a large vegetable garden. It needs to be taken care of, watered, and harvested, depending on the season. After harvesting the vegetables and fruits need to be preserved for the winter.
Varen is part of the Pfyn-Finges Nature Park and offers a unique panoramic view of the Pfyn Forest. If you want to stay in this sunny wine village in the middle of the Valais, you can book our best price room directly here.

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