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Blütenrein Camping

Santa Barbara - Ulldecona (Tarragona) SPAIN
We want your creativity and your skills
Namaste, we are looking for you, we need help to grow our young concept blütenrein in spain. everybody is welcome, who wants to make a work and travel holiday for just a few days or for some month you can stay for free and be a part of our community. We offer you a familiar atmosphere so you can bring all your family. You love to be in the sund and you have some special skills, come to us offer what you can do in our community and we will find out. we need people: help in the kitchen help in the garden help in the office help as yoga teacher, sport teacher, language teacher help as babysitter help as designer architect help as floor tiler help as qualified skilled worker help as artificer help as biologig bath builder help to clean the house help to repair bicycles help to build woodart musician, artist, acrobats people, magicians all of you are welcome because everybody loves something and we need you. I am happy to welcome you Smile, don't run - think positive and spread your love to the others. Your, Adi
We create a new open place for friendly thinking people.

Be a part of us enjoy and bring your skills into our projekt.

hola, how are you:)
what we offer:
a place to learn living with the nature.

learn to feel what you need and what could be your passion.

meet amazing people.

share and don't care.

building, working with wood. making wood, cooking together and many more. olive harvest, making soaps etc.

a place to sleep and yummy food.

the most important thing is that we dont give a shedule, we are not a school or a place where we help you to organise your day or help you to fix your lifes.

we want to help people to find out what is in yourselve, that means you wake up and not wait till someone is telling you what to to and how how to do it.

that is what school and your chef will do. but to find out who you are and what you really love - its up to you.

so if you wake up some people just have the inspiration by themselves - so you know what can make the place nicer or what you feel to do - gardening or creativ works musik painting etc.

we give a place where you are not afraid of making mistakes - just learn praktical things without having an exactly plan from begining to the end.

creativity comes from your heart and inside not from youtube.

we dont have good internet so please if you need your phones daily, it is not the right place.

we want to find out what is in yourselve.

most important we dont want to be the chefs or leaders.

what can help us:
people maybe over 25 with experience. If you are under 25 I will check if it fits.

people who are willing to experience a new way to live.

people who like to share and be with other people.

people who are creative and like to get up to create something and that for the people who will come after you.

people who see what can be done and is sinnfull and practical usefull for the future.

people who know that cleaning and making dishes is not included in the workaway,helping around the house ist the usual work if you life somewhere. we all burn wood so we have to collect it:)) we need water we need to get it..living an easy farmer's life.

how ever it should be make love love love

what do you need:
a good torch maybe solar/USB
also praktikal solar charger and powerbanks.

sleeping bag (we give also blankets), if needed.

good shoes we are in the mountains.

towels, bed sheeds -if you can -if not we have some here.

From oktober to april would be good to have:
rain clothes not ofen needed but helpfull.

towels, bed sheeds!

cheese, milk, meet, nuts, chocolate, sugar, coffee.

or special food you take care about yourselfe or buy for the community.

how to use our place:
please take care about everything.

machines, light, kitchen stuff.

If you brake something please tell us, not just leave it somewhere.

And please have an insurance. for health and if you brake something. this is a private place so you are here on your own risk.

the bedsheets you have to clean yourselve. also your clothes, a mashine in town starts from 4-6 €. and that can be shared.

also you have to clean your caravan and make the toilette if needed.

digg a hole. or Clean the caravan toilettes.

if you like to get picked up in would be a nice offer if you get in change some petrol for the car.

using generator is in the evening possible to charge laptops etc.

we use 2 showers handmade from us. we have warm water. only in winter, we cook it on fire an then use it. but mostly the water in summer is warm and perfect. only from the sun.

the toilette are outside its a plumsklo,
that all of you need to take care of.

we get up with out an alarm. when we feel ready we start our day. you will feel it the longer you sleep the hotter it will be so the early birds will have it cooler.

so around 10 we start working.

in the summer earlier.

work to do now:
Garden, planting, digging, watersystem. ( longterm stay )
house painting and renovation.

terrasse and lots of dekorations.

build a place to play boul.

big couch.

restauration from old chairs and wooden things
cleaning trees.

making the toilette

I can teach massages and we love spiritual sessions
special offer to learn massages but more infos if needet.

more infos about us.

We are inspired by the idea of ​​sustainable and ecological living for humans and nature. Our concept consists of living together and outdoors in mutual appreciation and respect while enjoying music, good food and singing or meditating together. Our goal is to grow food ourselves and provide or scavenge as much as possible and to live without plastic and commercial energy sources.

We wish to create a place of sharing thoughts, ideas and visions hoping to share our philosophy with as many people as possible and also share experiences, learn from each other and live together.

we have build a place where you can start your way out of the system.

use our place to learn step by step to come back to nature.

feel if this could be your new life.

feel if you really are made for living outsite beeing a farmer or natural healer. etc.

use our space use our knowledge and try to change your way of living.

so cuples or people who want to move but you are not really sure how and alone and and and.

take some time out here and plan your exit.

use our place as big step away from the system.

Our home is located in a wonderful mountain area in Castellon region with a view all the way to the ocean, amongst olive and pine trees. The air is fresh and it often smells like rosmary and thyme which grows everywhere.

How you can contribute:
beeing social with others
be open for new things
bring your own power to the place
Any other creative & sustainable ideas you might have are welcome and we are happy to discuss them with you!
Accommodation: we have rooms and caravans for you.

we offer also to bring your own tent or caravan, we have nice spots where you can stay.

  • Private parking
  • Disabled accessible
  • Smoke friendly
  • Garden
  • Terrace
  • Games for children
  • Pets allowed

Send your bartering offer
Barter accepted all year round

Hey, I'm Adi

What people say about me and our project:

If you want to spend more time in nature, waking up with the most colorful sunrises and sunsets, meet creatives that will blow your mind with their art and be a part of community that is always there to help you, this is the place for you. You can always find the time for yourself and recharge from the hectic city life. Here every day was different and we all planned each day together, so we cooked the most delicious meals and enjoyed the bonfire every night, played music, picked olives, helped Adi with setting up his place in the town for the massage and many more things. Adi is one amazing selfless person that knows how to help you in every moment. It was him that makes the community feel like a family. He has many good ideas and I wish him all the best in making them happen. Once again thank you for everything Adi and see you somewhere sometime soon :)